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At least Katie Nolan’s first pitch is better than 50 Cent

Katie Nolan, formerly “the girl who’s blowing up the internet” at Crowd Goes Wild (don’t you miss Regis Philbin’s sports cameo?) recently threw out a first pitch at a Trenton Thunder game. This is better than your average first pitch blog post because there’s a helpful video vignette that builds towards the dramatic moment. You […]


LLWS ratings more than TRIPLED the White Sox in Chicago

I’ll confess that I am not a fan of the Little League World Series.  I know, I know… that makes me an evil monster.  I accepted that fact a long time ago, though.  The thought of watching 13 year olds do something instead of much older, much better professionals has never really appealed to me. […]


Premier League ratings set opening week records

The first weekend of the English Premier League season was certainly the most hyped in its history on this side of the Atlantic.  Last year’s season brought record ratings as NBC’s banner coverage earned plaudits for its quality and for making every game available across its network and streaming platforms. The momentum for the EPL was always […]


Mike Ditka: “What are you going to call them, a Brownskin?”

Until now, the narrative surrounding the Redskins nickname debate has been relatively one-sided as person after person in the NFL and media worlds come out in opposition to the name.  With the news that prominent NFL television commentators like Tony Dungy and Phil Simms will attempt to boycott the name this season, the mainstream quest […]


Curt Schilling: Chewing tobacco gave me cancer

ESPN baseball analyst and former World Series MVP Curt Schilling has been battling cancer since the early stages of 2014.  While he has stepped away from his national television duties to seek treatment, the details of his cancer had been kept mostly quiet. Until now. In an appearance on WEEI Radio in Boston, Schilling revealed […]


#MACtion is staying on ESPN thanks to massive new contract

Everyone loves #MACtion. Thanks to some creative scheduling, the Mid American Conference has broken through the ranks of the have-nots in FBS college football.  If you’re not a part of the powers that be in the sport, it can be very tough to find relevancy.  However, thanks to their primetime games early in the week, the […]


Fox Sports says it had its most successful year in history

Television press releases are a funny beast.  They can be filled with breaking news announcements, subtle snipes at competitors, pie-in-the-sky optimism, and enough spin to cause you to collapse in a pile of your own vomit from the dizziness. As with any form of public relations, these proclamations represent the absolute best case scenario for the […]


Sirius launching Bleacher Report Radio channel

Multiple sources tell Awful Announcing that Sirius will be launching a Bleacher Report radio channel in the near future, possibly as soon as the beginning of September. Currently, Bleacher Report Radio exists as a daily show on Sirius Channel 92 that runs from 11-2 ET and is hosted by Jeff Rickard, featuring contributions from various […]

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Your MLB Announcing Schedule for 8/18 – 8/24

Monday, August 18 Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals (MLBN 8 pm) Local Broadcast [alt: Royals at Twins] Tuesday, August 19 Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals (MLBN 8PM) Bob Costas, John Smoltz [alt: Jays at Brewers] Wednesday, August 20 New York Mets at Oakland Athletics (MLBN 3:30 pm) Local Broadcast [alt: Jays at Brewers 2pm] Los Angeles Angels […]

Your 2014 College Football TV Primer

The college football season is almost upon us.  Here’s our rundown of what each major network will offer for the 2014 fall campaign… ESPN/ABC Conferences: All Division I NCAA Conferences  ABC/ESPN Saturday Night Football: Chris Fowler (new), Kirk Herbstreit; Reporter: Heather Cox  ESPN College GameDay, Saturdays ESPN 9 am Talent: Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond […]

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Preseason college football polls are the worst kind of evil

The AP college football preseason poll was released over the weekend.  This should mean absolutely nothing to you.  But like a monster coming out of hibernation, the poll’s release was like a gun sounding to kick off the increasingly toxic college football homer debate. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t know if I […]

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Now it’s your chance to grade Fox Sports 1′s first year

Over the past week, we went deep in analyzing the first year of Fox Sports 1 and covered nearly every possible angle in looking at the positives and negatives of the one for fun.  In case you need caught up on any of our FS1 Week coverage, all of our articles are listed below. Monday – […]


Sports Illustrated writer temporarily arrested in Ferguson

Robert Klemko of The MMQB, Sports Illustrated’s NFL website, is in Ferguson, Missouri.  He was temporarily arrested Sunday night by Captain Ronald Johnson as the city again devolved into scenes of terror.  Klemko live-tweeted the entire encounter including the tear gas, his arrest, and subsequent release. Klemko filed a lengthy piece at The MMQB on David […]


Fox Sports 1 launching new Friday night college football pregame show

Much was made of the decision by Fox Sports 1 to cancel the heavily hyped Fox College Saturday after just one year.  Erin Andrews is back to sideline reporting full-time and the network is basically starting over with their college football coverage. A further step in that direction is FS1′s annoucnement that they will be […]


Keith Olbermann engaged in bitter feud with New York Daily News

Since his return to ESPN, Keith Olbermann has not backed away from the combative nature he displayed during his cable news days.  In less than a year, he has seen his fair share of juicy media feuds.  Certainly the most noteworthy feud was his week-long engagement with Mike Francesa and WFAN that produced a number […]