Video: Chris Fowler rips “stupid” and “uninformed” claims of ESPN’s SEC bias

The consternations over ESPN’s perceived SEC bias have reached a fever pitch recently.  They were given some legitimacy when Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said the ESPN/SEC relationship was not good for college football.  That came on the heels of #FSUTwitter conspiracy theories that ESPN was out to get Florida State and Jameis Winston and threats […]


Your Week 9 College Football Announcing Schedule

Saturday, October 25 Noon- Texas at Kansas State (ESPN) Dave Pasch, Brian Griese, Tom Luginbill (Westwood One) Jason Benetti, Derek Rackley Noon- Rutgers at Nebraska (ESPN2) Beth Mowins, Joey Galloway, Paul Carcaterra Noon- Minnesota at Illinois (ESPNU) Clay Matvick, Anthony Becht Noon- Memphis at SMU (ESPNews) Mike Couzens, Gene Chizik Noon- North Texas at Rice […]


Peter King learned nothing from the NFL’s PR crisis

The story of The MMQB’s Robert Klemko facing multiple charges in Chicago for allegedly punching a cab driver and then speeding off in the cab is one of the more bizarre examples of sports media members getting in trouble. King announced on Thursday that SI and The MMQB had suspended Klemko for four weeks for the […]


Bill Simmons finally has his sanctuary in the Grantland Basketball Hour

Within the first two minutes of the Grantland Basketball Hour, legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross voiced over an animation of Kevin Love coming to Cleveland and the show had “rented” John Tesh’s Roundball Rock.  Freed from the shackles of ESPN NBA Countdown and back from his three-week suspension, the Grantland Basketball Hour is Bill Simmons’ […]


Your Week 8 NFL Announcing Schedule

A couple notes on this week’s schedule: 1) Breakfast at Wembley with the Lions and Falcons will be nationally televised at 9:30 AM ET. 2) Donovan McNabb steps into the broadcast booth to call Rams-Chiefs. [Insert potential tie joke here.] Thursday, October 23 San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos, CBS|NFLN 8:25 pm, Jim Nantz, Phil […]

Sunday Night Football

Where’s the concern for Sunday Night Football blowouts?

Two weeks ago, the question of “What’s wrong with Thursday Night Football?” was all the rage.  Early on this season the midweek game saw a historic string of blowouts.  And not just any blowouts mind you, we’re talking games that were decided by halftime, if not the end of the first quarter.  Before Colts-Texans and Jets-Patriots […]


Sports Illustrated’s Oklahoma State investigation ends with a quiet whimper

Remember Sports Illustrated’s huge five part expose into improprieties at Oklahoma State University?  While the investigation was rolled out with plenty of pomp and circumstance at SI, the report quickly fell apart under public scrutiny.  As sources came forward to combat their quotes and other outlets produced documentation to refute claims, the SI juggernaut suffered […]


Portland Timbers owner tells Timbers Army “STFU”

Things are not quite so rosy in the City of Roses. The Portland Timbers have one of the most passionate fanbases in MLS and things boiled over on Twitter after they were defeated on Tuesday night.  The 3-1 defeat to Olimpia in Honduras knocked them out of the CONCACAF Champions League on goal differential.  With […]


Real Tweets from Real People – America wants Tim McCarver back!

The 2014 World Series represented a little bit of history.  It was the first Fall Classic in 62 years (give or take a couple) that did not have Tim McCarver in the broadcast booth.  The longtime broadcaster retired from national duty and was replaced by two men, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci. The trio of […]


Bo Pelini says the ESPN-SEC relationship is not good for college football

Before we get started, that’s the greatest sports picture of the year, right? College football is a universe filled with conflicts of interests and complex relationships.  Athletes and institutions, sponsors and scholarships, television networks and conferences. There’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” nature about the sport that always lies somewhere beneath the surface. […]


Bill Simmons goes the diplomatic route in first post-suspension comments

Bill Simmons has been back from his three week suspension for a few days now.  Relegated to Instagram pictures at the golf course for that time, one might think Simmons would come firing on all cylinders with the ESPN-branded muzzle removed. Alas, anyone hoping for more fireworks and a Simmons-led revolution has largely been disappointed. […]


SI’s Robert Klemko facing charges after fight with cab driver

Earlier this year, Robert Klemko of The MMQB and Sports Illustrated made news when he was briefly arrested in Ferguson, Missouri while covering the protests there. Klemko is in trouble with the law again, and this time under much different, and more troublesome, circumstances. According to CBS Chicago, Klemko is facing two charges after an incident […]


Here’s the NFL games Fox and CBS protected against flexing

You’d need a couple Ph. D’s to understand the full mechanics of the NFL’s complicated, yet highly useful, flexible scheduling system.  There’s much more to it than NBC and the NFL picking which game they get to put on Sunday Night Football. Namely, Fox and CBS are able to protect certain games throughout the season. […]

giants homer

Your World Series Announcing Schedule

2014 World Series: Kansas City Royals vs San Francisco Giants FOX Sports Game: Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, Tom Verducci; Reporters: Erin Andrews, Ken Rosenthal Studio: Kevin Burkhardt, Gabe Kapler, Frank Thomas, Nick Swisher; David Ortiz (First two games) Deportes (Spanish): Pablo Alsina, Duaner Sanchez, Jose Tolentino Streaming: FOX Sports Go; Other Broadcasts ESPN Radio: […]