Sam Ponder’s Twitter feed proves her point about women in sports

ESPN personality Sam Ponder tweeted this thought about the outrage over the NFL’s mere 2 game suspension for Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice for assaulting his fiancee.  The outrage was justified over the NFL and Roger Goodell’s total lack of awareness for saying that domestic abuse was a lesser crime than getting caught taking the […]


What if sports broadcasters were Simpsons characters…

Earlier this week, Simpsons fans young and old freaked out over the announcement of the Simpsons World platform.  With FXX gaining syndication rights to the entire library of The Simpsons, now every episode, every piece of useless trivia, every Simpsons quote that you still use in daily conversation (“MY EYES, THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!”) will […]


Rob Dibble has some eloquent thoughts on sabermetrics

Former MLB pitcher and former ESPN and Fox baseball analyst Rob Dibble is known for his schtick that focuses on being “edgy” as a Nasty Boy a generation ago.  After being a national television analyst and radio host for several years, Dibble is currently working for an ESPN Radio affiliate in Connecticut after bouncing down the ladder […]


Bleacher Report’s most poignant criticisms are now coming from within

A very interesting tectonic shift is gradually happening surrounding what may be the biggest success story of modern sports media.  In the past couple years, Bleacher Report has grown from a bustling site of unpaid, amateur writers to a multimillion dollar behemoth with the full backing of Turner Sports.  It’s been transformed from being the […]


Tennis writer found guilty of egregious plagiarism

Neil Harman is a longtime tennis correspondent for The Times of London.  In 2007 he was named the British Sports News Reporter of the Year and he also served as co-president of the International Tennis Writers Association. He is also a serial plagiarist. It’s come to light in recent days that Harman has accomplished some […]


SportsCenter anchor won a car after getting a hole-in-one

Being a SportsCenter anchor must be a pretty decent life.  You get paid pretty well.  You have some semblance of fame and recognizability without having a TMZ camera stuck in your face every time you walk out of a Starbucks.  And you get to star in funny commercials with various athletes and celebrities. If you’re […]


Frank Caliendo reads LeBron James’ letter as Morgan Freeman

Frank Caliendo has been at ESPN for a while now and although he’s been a part of Sunday NFL Countdown, the real highlights come during his appearances on Mike & Mike.  I think Caliendo and his work has got a little bit of a bad rap with the entire Sunday morning NFL pregame show industry […]


Let’s check in with CNN to see what they’re talking about today…

Today CNN, once one of the biggest names in the American news media posted this tweet, and GOOD LORD IS IT TERRIFYING… Lest you think this is some kind of forgery, some kind of *internet joke* or *parody* on something totally ridiculous that CNN could theoretically talk about but would never actually do in the […]


The blooper reel from Metallica’s ESPN commercial

ESPN’s This is SportsCenter commercials have been cited as one of the major reasons why the network and the SportsCenter brand have become the societal mainstays they find themselves to be.  Even now, many years after their inception, the commercials remain one of the funniest, irreverent, and charming aspects of the global behemoth. The most […]


WEEI digs a deeper hole with terrible Erin Andrews “apology”

It was one week ago when WEEI radio host Kirk Minihane unleashed a vulgar rant in the direction of Erin Andrews.  Minihane called her a “gutless b*tch” which clearly crossed any line of decency, even for the widening cesspool that is sports talk radio.  The station issued a statement from Minihane apologizing for the comments, […]

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway releases awesome Brickyard 400 ad

I have never seen so much goodness confined to a 64 second span than this YouTube video posted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  It’s a “Sunday!  Sunday!  Sunday!” retro ad that also contains an absurd amount of ridiculously over-the-top humor in an attempt to promote $30 tickets for this week’s Brickyard 400 NASCAR race. Watch […]


It’s been a terrible year for major championship golf ratings

I’ve always been a golf guy, whether it be playing or watching.  That’s why it’s difficult to embrace the reality that the sport is at a difficult crossroads right now.  In the wake of Tiger Woods’ loss of form and constant battle with injuries, golf has suffered in the ratings department. Much of that is […]

barkley mad

Video: Charles Barkley finally fixed his golf swing!

Charles Barkley’s golf swing is the kind of legend that will only grow in time.  It will be to future generations what the Loch Ness Monster was to past ones.  Of course, our grandchildren and their grandchildren will have the video evidence to prove that the horrifying myth is in fact a reality. At this […]


Your MLB Announcing Schedule for 7/21 – 7/27

Monday, July 21 Texas Rangers at New York Yankees (ESPN 8 pm) Dave O’Brien, Aaron Boone Tuesday, July 22 San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies  (MLBN 7 PM) Local Broadcast [alt: Marlins at Braves] Wednesday, July 23 Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins  (MLBN 1 PM) Local Broadcast [alt: Reds at Brewers 2pm] Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox  (WGNA 2 […]