Kevin Harlan

In spite of the name, Awful Announcing doesn’t just cover announcing bloopers (although you can click here if you want to relive the best bloopers of 2023), we also cover the best in sports broadcasting. And 2023 was such a wild year in sports it gave us so many great moments to celebrate and remember. So here is our countdown of the best sports broadcasting moments of the past year. 

10) Malika Andrews stops Richard Jefferson in his tracks

The Malkia Andrews joke here at Richard Jefferson’s expense is good. The sell job from RJ is on the level of Shawn Michaels bumping around for Hulk Hogan at Summerslam 2005.

9) Baseball meets 24

The pitch clock was a great success for Major League Baseball this year, making games infinitely more watchable. It also provided some unique creative moments like SNY turning this pitch into something so dramatic you thought Kiefer Sutherland was going to come tackle the pitcher at any moment.

8) Who doesn’t love a snow day?

Down goes Frazier… Do you believe in miracles… Lusk called a snow day. The three greatest calls in sports history.

7) Joe Davis meets the moment

As far as the best pure sports announcing of the year, Joe Davis’ performance in the World Baseball Classic was top-tier. Not only did it perfectly describe the action, but it lifted the overall event to another level as he captured the drama of Japan’s victory and the legendary Ohtani-Trout showdown perfectly.

6) Joey Votto cuts a promo on Chris Russo

If Joey Votto’s playing days are done, it’s time for Fox, TBS, or any other network that televises baseball to give the former Reds first baseman the Tom Brady contract. Just watch this segment with Chris Russo to see the kind of personality he can bring to the table.

5) Brandon Gaudin’s brilliant one-liner

The single best announcing line of the year was Brandon Gaudin subtly turning a pitching change into one of the great double-entendre jokes of the century.

4) Jim Nantz makes this golfer’s day at Pebble Beach

Jim Nantz has been the voice of so many iconic sports moments it’s impossible to count. But what if he called a random golf round of yours? If you happen to be playing at Pebble Beach, you just might have that opportunity if the legendary announcer walks by. Nantz’s calls of real tournament golf provided some great moments this year too.

3) Marshawn Lynch + Slamball = Perfection

What could be better than the epic return of Slamball this year? Could we interest you in Slamball with Marshawn Lynch on commentary? It’s as equally of a perfect match as Ray Hudson calling Lionel Messi games again in Miami.

2) Kevin Harlan nearly falls out of his chair with excitement

Although Kevin Harlan said he may have been embarrassed that footage of him nearly falling out of his chair calling Furman’s shocking last-second NCAA Tournament win against Virginia was shared by CBS, it shows the emotion and excitement that makes him one of America’s favorite sports announcers ever.

1) Down goes Anderson! Down goes Anderson!

Who would have thought the best announcing call of the year would come during a basebrawl between the White Sox and Guardians? Legendary Cleveland radio announcer Tom Hamilton suddenly transformed into Howard Cosell as Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson squared off, giving us this incredible call and the best sports broadcasting moment of 2023.