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Just when you think a win couldn’t get any better, there’s an announcement that there’s no school the following day.

Following a 57-45 victory over West Catholic High School, sophomore broadcaster Aiden Lynch of Hamilton Community School in Hamilton, Michigan broke the news they wouldn’t have a snow day the next day.

That’s right, no school baby!

The students celebrated accordingly.

Dr. Bradford Lusk, the superintendent of Hamilton Community Schools, walked up to the student section of the game following the win to break the news.

“And Lusk calls the snow day! Breaking news! Lusk just called the snow day right here at the student section,” Lynch said during the broadcast. “Oh my goodness! Oh, I’ve never seen that before!”

In the video, you could see students surrounding Dr. Lusk after he made the announcement.

The win had the Hawkeyes improving to a 10-3 in the OK Blue Division, good for 16-4 overall. They have another game on Friday against Coopersville High School. The winner of that game will clinch the conference championship.

The school’s media club made a follow-up video, featuring some of the students and Lynch himself detailing the epic call.

“When I made that call live, I had no idea it would change my life,” Lynch said.

Lynch even took a ‘phone call’ during the interview saying he would need an agent soon. ESPN indeed would be calling at any moment. And deservedly so, this call is so cool it may just be this generation’s “Do you believe in miracles, yes!

In the midst of the interview, various students said Dr. Lusk is their best friend and the man they hope to become one day.

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Dr. Lusk, a legend.

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