Never change, Joey Votto. Photo Credit: MLB Network. Joey Votto rants to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, responding to Russo saying he’s not a Hall of Famer. Photo Credit: MLB Network.

There is nothing better than a Joey Votto interview.


But imagine a Votto interview where he’s absolutely fired up. Well, you’re welcome ahead of time.

The Cincinnati Reds first baseman had his moment (several moments) during a recent interview on MLB Network’s “High Heat.”

… and it was absolutely epic.

“A couple of months ago you said that Zack Greinke and I are Hall of Very Good ball players,” Votto told ‘High Heat’s’ Christopher Russo. “I think Zack and I would agree — you may be right, but I get the gist of what’s going on here. I know what you’re doing. You’re looking down on us. A couple small market … Midwest ball players … just because we’re not big city just like you …”

Oh, and he wasn’t done. Not even close.

“Mr. New York City, Sirius XM Radio star, Mr. National Television, ESPN star, with your Fifth Avenue tie, and your crisp pocket squares, your tailored suits, and your polished shoes, and your hair — your perfectly coiffed, Broadway hair,” Votto continued. “Must be nice to sit atop that Madison Avenue ivory tower, looking down on us with those luscious locks. Not everyone can be the next Roger Peckinpaugh, Mad Dog! You should be ashamed of yourself! You’re a disgrace!”

Russo appeared to be enjoying it, even cheering him on at the end of the rant. Co-host Alanna Rizzo did her best to keep her laughs in.

Votto continues to show he’s more than just a fine ball player by proving what he’s able to do when you put a microphone in front of him.

Last season as he recovered from season-ending surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, he started testing out his pipes in broadcasting.

He hasn’t let us down so far, but didn’t give a “no” answer when asked if he plans to pursue this when he retires.

Peckinpaugh, who Votto referred to in his rant, was a former MVP back in 1914 and was a defensive wizard for four teams, spending nine seasons with the New York Yankees.

The full Votto interview will air on Thursday’s episode of High Heat on MLB Network.

Never change, Joey Votto. Never change.

[Photo Credit: MLB Network]

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