Malika Andrews Richard Jefferson Credit: NBA Today/ESPN

No matter who you are, where you work, or what level of the game you’re at, you will risk getting joked on. Somehow, somewhere, you could be the next victim of an epic roasting. Sometimes it might happen by yourself with a bit of embarrassment. Other times, it might be broadcast on television for millions to see, and you’re left wondering, “How did I get here?” That was the fate that ESPN NBA analyst Richard Jefferson succumbed to on Tuesday, thanks to NBA Today host Malika Andrews.

The discussion of the day in the NBA, of course, is LeBron James. James and the Los Angeles Lakers lost on Monday night to the Denver Nuggets, who punched their first-ever ticket to the NBA Finals. Two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokić swept King James and the Lakers, and now the next thing to ponder will be what direction LeBron’s career will go in. Later that night, Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes reported retirement might be a possibility. So, of course, ESPN’s NBA studio show would discuss that. Kendrick Perkins closed a segment by saying he didn’t believe LeBron was going anywhere.

Then that set the stage for the epic roast.

“Okay, I’m gonna ask Malika a question,” Jefferson said while he turned to Andrews. “Do you think it’s a better chance of LeBron retiring or Perk going on a diet?” He asked. Malika, through laughs, looked over at the former NBA champion and dropped the hammer.

“It’s right up there with you growing a full head of hair.”

The sheer, stunned look on Jefferosn’s face after Andrews bodied him with the joke told the entire story. And as we’ve seen from their main competitor, Inside the NBA, hilarious, off-the-cuff moments tend to provide entertainment. So, luckily for the Worldwide Leader, they got a dose of that too.

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