Kevin Harlan

Furman’s upset win over Virginia last Thursday will be one of the enduring moments of this year’s NCAA Tournament, even taking the Paladins’ second round loss to San Diego State into account.

The call on truTV from Kevin Harlan was great, and on Monday, CBS released a video of Harlan, Dan Bonner, and Stan Van Gundy during the game’s ending.

It’s an awesome show of raw emotion.

I love that screengrab. Harlan almost falls out of his chair in excitement, Van Gundy looks utterly shocked, and Bonner still seems to be processing what he just saw.

Anyway, Harlan and this team are awesome. They’ll be calling UConn-Arkansas and Gonzaga-UCLA on Thursday, along with the corresponding Elite 8 game on Saturday. Here’s hoping we get another awesome moment like this.

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