Thursday morning, Sam Acho unleashed a particularly bad opinion on First Take. The ESPN personality presented his list of the top 5 active quarterbacks in the NFL, including Buffalo’s Josh Allen, San Diego’s Justin Herbert, LA’s Matt Stafford, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, and Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow.

Notably missing from that list is Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, who has taken the Chiefs to two Super Bowls, been named NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP, and is a four-time Pro-Bowler. Acho’s debate partner, Harry Douglas, said what a lot of viewers were already thinking.

Many others chimed in on the rankings, including Molly Qerim, who called Acho’s list “bogus.”

As the day went on, plenty of other people shared their thoughts on the rankings, including Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb, himself a noted take artist.

This tweet soon caught the attention of Sam’s brother, FS1 personality Emmanual Acho. He did not appreciate it.

Believe it or not, Gottlieb didn’t appreciate the quote-tweet and pushed back on the criticism.

Acho then weirdly admitted that his brother’s take was “trash” but that still didn’t warrant the critique for some reason and then went all-in on Gottlieb’s playing and broadcasting careers, even looping in Colin Cowherd to make this a rare Fox Sports on Fox Sports battle.

To which Gottlieb simply said, “what a dick.”

Not done yet, Acho reiterated that he was going to defend his brother no matter what, terrible takes be damned.

Look, far be it from us to blame anyone for wanting to take shots at Doug Gottlieb. We get it. He’s earned it. Plenty of times. Over and over. Fair enough.

But if we’re being honest, we’re gonna give him the nod here. Acho literally admits he’s defending a trash take by his brother and seemed to seek out Gottlieb over his comments, instead of the thousands of other people doing the same thing all day long. Which, again, we understand, but still.

If Acho, who has plenty of ludicrous takes of his own, is serious about going nuclear on anyone who speaks ill of his brother, we wish Hannah Storm well tomorrow.

[Doug Gottlieb, Emmanuel Acho]

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