In one form or another, Mike Golic has been a fixture for ESPN audiences since 1995. That time ended on Saturday when he called the Fiesta Bowl alongside Dave Pasch, his final assignment for the company before leaving to start fresh with other opportunities. But before he went, Golic gave ESPN viewers one more delicious memory (and narrowly avoided becoming a meme).

During the second half of the bowl game between the Oregon Ducks and Iowa State Cyclones, Golic was speaking directly to the camera when Spirit, the Fiesta Bowl mascot, presented him with a cake.

“Ohh, look at that! I got a cake!” Golic said. “‘The Fiesta Bowl thanks you.’ Thank you, Spirit!”

Following a play, the camera returned to Golic as he attempted to take a bite, nearly dropping the cake in the process. Thankfully, Golic showed how he’s still got the reflexes to keep his composure and enjoy some well-earned dessert without the need for utensils or plates.

Unfortunately for Pasch, that meant he wasn’t going to be able to get a slice for himself, but perhaps that was Golic’s game all along. It was his celebratory cake, anyway.

While it might seem as though the cake was an unsightly green color, that appears to have actually been a case of the frosting taking on the greenscreen graphic behind Golic. It’s an effect similar to what we’ve seen anytime Jim Mora appears on camera from his home studio.

For Golic, this sweet treat is the capper on a bittersweet farewell tour from ESPN. The former football player spent 2020 calling college football games for the network, a role similar to his initial stint as an NFL analyst and commentator in the 90s. Golic will be most fondly remembered for his 18-year stint as co-host of Mike & Mike, which he partnered with Mike Greenberg on. The show had an acrimonious end and its replacement, Golic & Wingo, only lasted around three years before being canceled. Golic has been candid in recent interviews that he plans to talk more about what went down behind-the-scenes one day, but for the time being he’s basking in the glow of appreciation from fans, audiences, and colleagues.

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