Former NFL and college head coach Jim L. Mora has been serving as a color analyst for ESPN College Football since 2018. As the son of another former NFL coach, Mora has always had to try to stand out on his own and make his own mark. Perhaps that’s why for the last two months it sure seems like the guy has…green hair? Or does he???

We have to go back to September for the first sighting.

Strange. Seems entirely possible there was just something off with the contrast levels on that particular TV or screen. Easy enough to write it off. Except…

That’s November, two months later, and the same thing is happening. All the other colors appear to be as they should be, which implies that if we’re seeing Jim Mora go half-Joker, it must be purposeful.

That brings us to today, in early December, and yet another green hair sighting.

Lest you think these photos are doctored, here’s some video of today’s appearance on ESPN as well…

And there have been plenty of other confirmed sightings from September to now.

The only other place we’re seeing recent media of Jim Mora is on his Cameo page, where he has made videos from the ESPN set and he does NOT have green hair. Though it’s unclear when any of these Cameo videos were made.

And so we are left with more questions than answers. Does Jim just have a really rough green screen set-up at home that changes the color of his hair but nothing else? Or has he been doing some Grinch cosplay on the side and just decided to let it ride? If you happen to have any answers, let us know. We’re not sleeping until we find out.

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