Andrew Luck’s cardboard masterpiece sells for $1500 on eBay

Today is the first day of school for a lot of children across the United States. And while most of their first day is consumed with meet and greets, it won't be too long until the kids get some free time to color some fantastic pictures for Mom and Dad. Ya know, pictures that look […]

Vin Scully says the cutest curse words

Your browser does not support iframes. Legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully is no stranger to witnessing questionable calls. But during the Dodgers-Rockies game Monday night, his attempt at lip reading an infuriated manager may have been new ground even more him. Shane Victorino came up to the plate for the Dodgers and lined a shot […]

Michael Strahan strips for Kelly Ripa and Channing Tatum

90% of women with a pulse either has already or most likely will be seeing the male stripper movie known as Magic Mike in the coming days, but it was a former football player turned announcer that ended up giving the ladies a show on live television earlier this week. His name? Michael Strahan. During one […]


Russell Westbrook told to “be careful” for wearing Sally Jessy Raphael’s signature red glasses

The NBA playoff fashion choices for post game press conferences has been one of curiousity and puzzlement. Everything from bright melon colored pants, white suits and backpacks have all made an appearance but it’s one accessory that seems to keep getting repeated: the nerdy hipster oversized glasses. While the ridiculous looking glasses have been around […]


XBox Live is changing the way we watch sports sooner rather than later

E3 is currently going on in Los Angeles, CA and during this conference, gaming giant Microsoft just went all-in on sports apps by adding MNF, NHL, NBA and UCF as well as expanded ESPN coverage through WatchESPN. During the press conference, Microsoft touted the importance of adding additional sports content to their database that currently […]

Tigers sideline reporter gets a severe tongue lashing from a Rangers fan

Being a sideline reporter is no easy task. You have to stay updated on all the game’s key moments, interview various fans, coaches and players and sometimes have to keep your composure when things don’t go exactly as planned. Such was the case for Fox Sports sideline reporter Shannon Hogan who was given the assignment […]