Rule #1 in the athletic sport of bowling has to be “when completing a wind up, make sure to LET GO of the ball.”

Josh Blanchard, a rookie in the Pro Bowling world, apparently did not want to follow that rule as he made one of the most embarrassing, but yet entertaining, gaffes of this new year.

While in the 9th frame with a score of 121, it’s clear Josh was having a bad day. Number 1, if you are a professional bowler, a 9th frame score of 121 is dreadful. But what’s worse is to create the rookie moment of the season at the World Championship qualifier by having his fingers get stuck in the ball, stepping over the foul line onto the slick lane, and falling only to land in the gutter.

As if that wasn’t enough, announcer Rob Stone (who’s leaving ESPN bowling, etc. for Fox’s soccer coverage) decides to rub salt in the wound by responding with shouting “OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS” and then follow that up by stating the obvious, [Josh went] “from bad to worse to miserable.”

Thankfully, the only thing that came away hurt was Josh’s pride. Here’s to hoping that he can pick himself up (literally) from this mishap and carry on his pro career.

Until then, the internet laughs at your expense…

H/T Deadspin