Whether or not you’re a Chicago baseball fan, most of the US population is subjected to their games on WGN almost every day of the season whether they be of the Cubs or White Sox variety.

For fans of the teams that play against the White Sox, you probably are familiar with announcer Hawk Harrelson whose claim to fame is his massive homerism, highlighted a couple amazing times this year already. Then, there are the catch phrases – the annoying “He Gone” and the slightly less annoying “Put it on the boooaaarrrrd…YES!”

With the Cubs/White Sox rivalry renewing this weekend,  Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija took it upon himself to offer a critique of the play by play antics of Hawk. He is well versed in all things Hawk Harrelson since he grew up in the area and doesn’t sound too enamored with hearing Harrelson all the time. In an interview earlier this week, Samardzija was asked about some of his favorite calls by Harrelson to which he replied “well I just kinda liked it when he didn’t talk for about an inning and a half” and goes on to poke fun at him some more.

Watch the rest of the interview below…

Unfortunately for Samardzija, he couldn’t back up that jab with a win, as he picked up a loss Friday night for the Cubs. He did pitch fairly well, allowing 3 ER in 7.1 innings with 8 strikeouts.  Nevertheless, there were two White Sox home runs that were “put on the board.” At least Samardjiza was a safe distance away from the Sox broadcast booth.