Being a sideline reporter is no easy task. You have to stay updated on all the game’s key moments, interview various fans, coaches and players and sometimes have to keep your composure when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Such was the case for Fox Sports sideline reporter Shannon Hogan who was given the assignment to go into the stands of Comerica Park during a Tigers home game and try to solicit fans to submit their favorite memories of being at Comerica.

Little did she know the fun time being had at Comerica was at her own expense thanks to a fan of the visiting team.

A Rangers fan who clearly had a little too much to drink jumped behind Shannon during the middle of her live report to give her a good “tongue lashing.” While no words were spoken during the “exchange,” it’s pretty clear Shannon had no idea what was going on behind her until it was too late and the cameras had panned away.

While we can all feel bad for Shannon, who should feel worse are the actual Tiger fans around her that allow a Rangers fan to get away with something like that. Chances are by the way this Rangers fan was acting, at some point during the game or following it, a Tigers fan knocked him out.

H/T Busted Coverage

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