Fresh off confirming his involvement with the future Hangover 3 movie, boxing powerhouse Mike Tyson stated he will be starring in his own reality show right off the Vegas strip that is centered around his own critiques of his tumultuous past in a confessional, no-holds-barred environment.

From Las Vegas Sun: “I’m [the reporter who broke the story] reliably told that his controversial life story will be told with video and photo flashbacks as he adds commentary and confessions. I’m told that he’ll include details of his tumultuous marriage to actress Robin Givens and his prison time. “It will be raw. Nothing will be held back. He’s not going to shrink from the problems he’s faced and the battles he’s fought professionally and personally. It will be unfiltered, and he’ll tell it like it is,” one of Mike’s pals confirmed.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the show is not the “off limits” video and photos throughout his life but rather at the end of each show, Tyson has said he will take questions from the audience:

“Mike is so committed to the honesty of his new headliner show that he’ll also answer questions from the audience at the end of each show before meeting fans for autographs and photos.”

Considering how many drunk idiots head to Vegas daily, coupled with the fact that anyone visiting the area is already game to do things a little outside of their, element opens the door for some potentially awkward moments for Tyson. Especially considering how well he handles live interviews already. Even if it’s not a drunk college kid, I’m pretty sure any half-talented journalist would be able to ask the right question to set off a firestorm reaction out of Tyson fairly easily.

Given Tyson’s almost sad life, I actually applaud the efforts of doing a live variety show. I’m not sure how long the actual series will last given there’s only so many questions you ask about prison, ear biting and pigeons that haven’t already been asked but the dozen or so internet videos that will surely come from this will be gold nonetheless.

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