The NBA playoff fashion choices for post game press conferences has been one of curiousity and puzzlement.

Everything from bright melon colored pants, white suits and backpacks have all made an appearance but it’s one accessory that seems to keep getting repeated: the nerdy hipster oversized glasses.

While the ridiculous looking glasses have been around for a little while, Russell Westbrook’s bright red glasses brought about the attention from someone who rocked this style years ago, former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael.

While not the biggest NBA fan, SJR was asked how she felt about seeing her infamous red glasses make a sort-of comeback, to which Sally replied via Time Magazine “The basketball player better be careful” and added:

“When you become known for the cigar in your mouth, like comedians do, or glasses, or pink hair, or whatever it is, if it’s an external thing, it begins to own you… If I go out to a mall where I live now, and anybody recognizes me, they say, ‘oh, why don’t you have your red glasses? Like I’m doing something illegal.”

Some “fans” have even taken their adoration for the glasses to the extreme by refusing to take a picture with Sally if she doesn’t have the glasses or worse; if she had them out at a restaurant, people would notice her and steal the glasses right off the table. That’s some combination of very strange and very sad.

Given those comments, you could probably assume that good ol’ SJR is just looking out for Westbrook. Ya know, in case anyone avoids picture taking with him or decides to steal his lensless glasses 20 years from now… or his shirts.



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