Anytime a sporting event places little kids into adult roles, it’s usually pretty darn cute.  Provided it doesn’t take place anywhere near Penn State of course.

To perhaps draw the attention of a much younger audience, the New York Knicks have employed the talents of the very young Ryan and Jaylah as their Knicks Kid Reporters.

At first glimpse, they certainly look the part but once the interviewing actually takes place, the duo are pretty solid in cracking jokes, coming up with witty comments and have the guts to interview some of the league’s best players.  In other words, they’re already light years ahead of Jim Gray.

The special part of this video is when little Jaylah, who claims to hate Justin Bieber, gets a few of the Knicks players to actually sing “Baby” while Ryan wants no part of the Biebs. Smart kid. It would probably ruin his credibility in the locker room during postgame interviews.

Whether or not these kids have a future in broadcasting remains to be seen but at least they get started out on the right track by looking and acting the part very well.

Check out the video below..



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