Greg Olsen and Ian Eagle.

This week, we’re celebrating the highs, the lows, the best, and the worst of the year with The Awfulies. We introduced our end-of-year awards last year, and we’ve expanded the categories even further this time, with the entire Awful Announcing staff voting for who they think should take home the coveted golden microphone. Keep an eye on category and winner reveals all week long. And be sure to let us know who your pick would have been for the winners.

For this edition, we turn to the broadcast booth to honor the best game announcers of 2023. With many classic games, great calls, and consistent performers, there were many worthy candidates. But since these are totally subjective online awards, there can only be one winner.

Best Play-by-Play Announcer of 2023

The nominees on this list are a who’s who of broadcasting royalty. The nominees that picked up multiple votes include Jim Nantz, Kevin Harlan, Joe Buck, and Mike Tirico. Any of them would be a fitting winner in any given year. But 2023 belonged to one play-by-play broadcaster that our readers voted both their favorite NFL national announcer and favorite voice of March Madness.

Winner: Ian Eagle

Hopefully, it’s because of recognition like this that CBS has finally given Eagle a lead announcer opportunity after years of terrific work. This coming spring, Eagle will take over the mantle from Jim Nantz as the voice of the Final Four. If you could build the perfect play-by-play announcer in a lab, Eagle might come closest to anyone working today. He always meets the big moments, is very engaging with whoever his partner is, can work multiple sports at a high level, and has a great sense of humor. There’s not much more you could ask for in an announcer.

Best Game Analyst of 2023

While several game analysts picked up a vote including Troy Aikman, Bill Raftery, and Eddie Olczyk across sports to name a few, one analyst dominated this category. And ironically, he may be the only one whose future is currently in doubt at his own network.

Winner: Greg Olsen

When Fox Sports said they would move ahead with Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen as their lead broadcast team after Joe Buck and Troy Aikman both departed for ESPN, there were skeptics around the country who wondered whether the pairing, while talented, could stack up with the other established big names at other networks. Burkhardt and Olsen called their first Super Bowl this year and not only met expectations but exceeded them. That’s particularly true for Olsen, whose fresh insights, awareness, and ability to clearly communicate the action has made him the top analyst in sports today. And to think he’s risen to this level with Tom Brady and his giant contract looming in the background like a summer horror flick makes it all the more impressive. If Fox doesn’t view Olsen as a long-term top NFL analyst, hopefully, another network will.

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