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Having to pick between the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford isn’t a decision that would make many people sweat, but Dan Orlovsky isn’t many people.

Orlovsky isn’t many people with his food takes and he isn’t many people with his hygiene practices, but one can probably understand why the Stafford-Lions decision is a toughie. He’s besties with Stafford and left his heart in Detroit, the city that drafted him in 2005.

Monday morning on First Take, host Molly Qerim posed the following question to Orlovsky. “Who would you root for if Matthew Stafford returned to Detroit to face the Lions in the playoffs?”

Of course, Stafford spent most of his career in Detroit before being traded to the Los Angeles Rams, where he won Super Bowl LVI. Two years later, the 10-4 Lions and 7-7 Rams are nearing a possible playoff collision.

“If they go on the road and have to play in Detroit,” Orlovsky said before pausing, seeming very uncomfortable with the question. “I think I’m rooting for Detroit.”

“Stafford had his run,” Orlovsky admitted, feeling like it might be Detroit’s turn to appear in their first Super Bowl in franchise history. “Maybe Matthew can throw for 400 and lose on a field goal?”

Nice of Orlovsky to throw in a pity “I love Jared too,” referring to current Lions quarterback Jared Goff. Recognizing that Orlovsky was in a tough spot, having to choose between two of his favorites, Shannon Sharpe quickly chimed in to increase the pressure.

“You hear that, Matt? You hear that, Kelly?” Sharpe asked. “I just want Matt and Kelly Stafford to hear what you’re saying, that’s all.”

Orlovsky, who served as Stafford’s backup for three seasons in Detroit, has historically been reluctant to speak ill about the former Lions star quarterback. Not that rooting to see Stafford throw for 400 passing yards in a playoff game is bad, but it was kind of surprising to hear Orlovsky admit he’d root against his good buddy.

Last year, Richard Sherman called Orlovsky out for being a “homer” when it comes to assessing Stafford. Earlier this year, Orlovsky had his ESPN colleagues reeling after he alleged Stafford was the best quarterback in the NFC once Aaron Rodgers departed. And just a couple of weeks ago, Orlovsky warned the NFC against letting Stafford squeak into the playoffs.

But fear not, Detroit, because Orlovsky might be an unabashed Stafford homer, but even that love can’t usurp the Lions this season. Orlovsky’s love for Stafford is strong, just maybe not stronger than the heart of the Lions.

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