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The LSU fan known as “Cory” is turning one painfully awkward moment into a mini-media career.

Cory went viral after an incident in LSU’s April 23 baseball game. A home run by Tigers slugger Tommy White sailed into the left-field bleachers, where Cory awaited, all alone, with a glove.

The ball somehow went right past his glove and doinked off his head, leaving a painful-looking shiner and goose egg.

For those who missed it, here’s the play again, along with an interview by local Baton Rouge reporter Pat Timlin. Cory joked, “Friday I’ll go get Tommy to sign it for me, and maybe kiss my boo-boo.”

It seemed Cory’s proverbial 15 minutes of fame might have come and gone with that Jose Canseco-ish play and the interview. But fast forward to Monday night, and SEC Network’s “Rally Cap” show had a surprise for fans.

Yes, more Cory.

As host Dari Nowkhah interviewed White about the homer, he brought on Cory, clearly surprising White. All three men enjoyed a good laugh at the odd meeting.

“How’s it going?” White asked.

“Much better now,” Cory quipped.

Cory had met with White Friday, and Nowkhah asked what they’d talked about.

“I’d appreciate it if he’d hit it to right more often,” Cory joked.

And to think all this fun started with a botched catch and a headache.

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