Terry Bradshaw kisses Antonia Lofaso. Terry Bradshaw kisses Antonia Lofaso. (@Schu1tzy on Twitter.)

Ahead of the kickoff of the first of three Thanksgiving NFL games (Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions) Thursday, the Fox pregame show (live from New York City) did a food segment with celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso. That’s not unusual. What was unusual was to see co-host and panelist Terry Bradshaw kiss Lofaso on the cheek on air. And that drew a lot of Twitter criticism, especially given Lofaso’s facial reaction:


Bradshaw, 75, has been a key Fox NFL Sunday figure since that show started in 1994. He broadcast for CBS before that, working as a guest analyst while still playing in 1980-81 and 1981-82, then becoming a full-time game commentator after he retired in 1984, and then heading to the studio side with CBS’ The NFL Today in 1990 before moving to Fox in 1994.

But Bradshaw has come in for some increased criticism in recent years. That’s included messing up names, struggling with highlights, and making cringey comments. He has faced health struggles as well, including a battle with cancer.

Lofaso, 47, owns the restaurants Black Market Liquor Bar, Scopa Italian Roots, and DAMA in Los Angeles. She has appeared on Top Chef (starting as a contestant there in 2008), Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Restaurant Startup, and more. But this particular appearance took a strange turn for her thanks to Bradshaw’s actions.

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