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Old habits die hard and when you’ve been around as long as NFL broadcasters Jim Nantz and Terry Bradshaw have, you’re bound to have the occasional slip-up.

Oddly, the two veterans had the same slip-up on Sunday over the old name of the Washington Commanders.

While there has been some talk in recent months about the Commanders returning to the name they had between 1933 and 2019, the new ownership group has made it clear that while they might consider changing the name once more, it will not be a move toward the past, given the negative and racist connotations of the phrase and its complicated history.

While everyone around the NFL has put in the work to put the past behind them, especially now that the Snyders are gone, the old name does still pop up from time to time, though almost never on purpose.

Take this Sunday, for instance. Towards the end of the Buffalo Bills’ 32-6 blowout of the New York Jets, backup quarterback Kyle Allen entered the game. CBS announcer Jim Nantz started running down Allen’s bona fides when he mentioned that the signal-caller previously played for Washington. You can hear the moment midway through saying the old team name when Nantz realizes he’s done something he shouldn’t have, but powers through all the same before offering a quick apology.

Meanwhile, over on Fox, Terry Bradshaw was providing commentary for highlights of the New York Giants’s 31-19 win over the Commanders when he slipped up as well and referred to the team by their outdated name.

“Washington Commanders,” Curt Menafee said, quickly jumping in after Bradshaw misspoke.

“What I say?” asked Bradshaw in confusion.

You would be hard-pressed to say that either broadcaster mentioned the name on purpose or had any ill intent. As we said up top, it’s bound to happen, especially for older NFL broadcasters who have been around the game for decades, not to mention Bradshaw’s been struggling for some time now. It was just a bit jarring to hear the name from more than one NFL broadcaster on national TV on Sunday.

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