Terry Bradshaw. Photo Credit: Fox Terry Bradshaw has been in the NFL for over 50 years. It’s safe to say that Sunday was not one of his better days. Photo Credit: Fox

Between his playing and broadcasting careers, Terry Bradshaw has consistently been involved in the NFL since he was drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1970. It’s safe to say that Sunday was not his best day.

Bradshaw. who turned 75 on Sept. 2, was working his way through postgame highlights on Fox’s postgame show, The OT. It did not go well.

As Bradshaw wrapped up the highlights of the Washington Commanders win over the Arizona Cardinals and transitioned into the Jacksonville Jaguars win over the Indianapolis Colts, he struggled to identify the names of the teams and players. As the Jaguars versus Colts highlights were wrapping up, it got to a point where even Bradshaw couldn’t help but acknowledge the issues.

“I know, I got it. I’m so proud of myself, he said. “Now where did that come…those highlights were all over the place. Where did that come from? Sorry about that, sports fans.”

Bradshaw then paused briefly before jumping right back into the highlights. Four more games were on the docket: the Cleveland Browns win over the Cincinnati Bengals, then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat of the Minnesota Vikings, the Baltimore Ravens win over the Houston Texans and finally, the New Orleans Saints victory over the Tennessee Titans.

It didn’t get a lot better.

At the end, Bradshaw again said, “I’m kinda proud of myself. That’s hard. I screwed it up a little bit. But it’s the first show.”

At the very least, it feels like the long run of postgame highlights should be handled by one of Fox’s other studio guys. It’s not like there’s a shortage of options.

[Photo Credit: Fox]

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