Terry Bradshaw Desmond Ridder

Terry Bradshaw forgot the name of an NFL starting quarterback on Fox NFL Sunday this week.

When discussing Sunday’s Falcons-Lions game, Bradshaw couldn’t place Desmond Ridder’s name (though he remembered Ridder went to Cincinnati).

“I like what they’re doing. I like their quarterback out of Cincinnati – what’s his name?” said Bradshaw.

“Desmond Ridder,” chimed in host Curt Menefee.

“I will learn his name when he gets good!” proclaimed Bradshaw.

Ridder, a third-round pick out of Cincinnati in the 2022 NFL Draft, started four games for the Falcons last season and their first three (including Sunday’s game with the Lions) in 2023.

In Week 1, Bradshaw struggled with highlights on The OT, Fox’s post-game highlights show. He acknowledged his issues with highlights of the Jaguars-Colts game, saying “I’m so proud of myself…Those highlights were all over the place. Where did that come from? Sorry about that.”

Last month, fellow Fox NFL Sunday analyst Howie Long called Bradshaw “the white Charles Barkley” due to his genuine, off-the-cuff reactions on the air. However, his recent on-air flubs are also generating more unfavorable comparisons to Barkley.

Bradshaw isn’t the first, nor will he be the last, analyst to forget a player’s name live on the air or fumble his way through a set of highlights. However, two pretty obvious errors in three weeks is noticeable and worth keeping an eye on as the NFL season rolls along.

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