Terry Bradshaw jokes about Andy Reid's weight

Sean Payton said it last week: “When Terry Bradshaw has a microphone, hold your breath.” And that was on full display Sunday night after the Super Bowl.

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles to win their second Super Bowl in four years, Bradshaw was on the podium for Fox, emceeing the championship trophy celebration. Known for being a bit of a brash goofball, football fans are used to hearing Bradshaw make some slightly indecent comments. But fat shaming Kansas City head coach Andy Reid during the trophy celebration seemed over the top.

“Big guy. Let me get the big guy in here. Come on, waddle over here,” Bradshaw said with a chuckle. “Have a cheeseburger on us.”

Bradshaw also mildly mocked Reid’s age, saying, “I know you’re getting up there in age, like me,” before he asked if it was time for the Chiefs head coach to ride off into the sunset. Bradshaw, however, recently made it clear that he has no plans of riding off into the sunset himself, sharing his goal of dying on-air to give Fox a ratings boost.

Reid gave an ambiguous smile as he squeezed between Bradshaw and Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. Two “big guy” references, OK, not a big deal. The “cheeseburger on us” line can also get a pass since Reid often touts his expertise as a cheeseburger aficionado. But combined with the “waddle over here,” it all started to feel unnecessarily excessive.

Congratulations, Andy. You just won the Super Bowl, and now you’ve been subjected to quips about your age and weight from Terry Bradshaw. And Bradshaw should have a heightened sensitive to personal slights, after he recently admitted it bothers him when people insult his intelligence. He might still be entertaining in the studio, but emceeing an event on national TV is giving Terry Bradshaw too much leeway on-air.


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