Hot dogs at Toronto Blue Jays game Photo credit: Sportsnet

The old adage of happy wife, happy life was recently put to the test when it came time to choose whether ketchup belongs on a hot dog.

During the fifth inning of Tuesday night’s Toronto Blue Jays game against the Philadelphia Phillies, the Sportsnet broadcast panned to a person in the stands eating a hot dog, as many fans do at a baseball game. Jays analyst Buck Martinez, however, was appalled by what he saw, noticing the fan opted to put ketchup on their hot dog.

“What’s that guy doing with ketchup on his hot dog?” Martinez said with disgust. “Come on. No ketchup on the hot dog. Mustard only.

“An unconscionable mistake of putting ketchup on a hot dog,” play-by-play voice Dan Shulman said in support of his broadcast partner’s outrage.

The camera then showed a group of fans dressed as hot dogs, ketchup and mustard, appearing to move on from the other person’s unconscionable condiment choice. But something still wasn’t sitting right with Martinez after his rant. That something was the uncomfortable realization that his disgust may have just offended his wife.

“You know, I must say, I have to really kind of apologize, my wife loves ketchup on her hot dog,” Martinez awkwardly admitted, claiming he didn’t know about her condiment preference until later in their marriage.

I have some strong food opinions, I used to express them loudly. As time goes on, however, I’ve grown much more tolerant of other people’s food preferences. But ketchup is a condiment I still have a hard time getting on board with, thankfully, my wife agrees.


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