SNY kidcaster roasts Keith Hernandez

SNY welcomed their 2022 Kidcaster Contest winner to the booth Thursday night, and the 12-year-old wasted no time in weighing in one of the country’s most polarizing debates. Ketchup or mustard on a hot dog?

12-year-old Eddie Kraus earned the opportunity to call half an inning alongside Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling during the New York Mets Thursday night matchup with the Colorado Rockies, in which Jacob deGrom was on the mound.

During his appearance in the booth, Kraus acknowledged he’s a big fan of Mets outfielder Mark Canha because of his food posts on Instagram, prompting Darling to mention Hernandez’s eating habits.

“Keith has ketchup on his hot dog, do not tell me you put ketchup on your hot dog,” said Darling.

Despite positioning the question in a way that might inspire Kraus to offer Darling’s desired answer, the 12-year-old was very convincing in his detest for seeing ketchup on a hot dog.

“NO WAY!,” Kraus said. “Mustard and sauerkraut until the end.”

Hernandez followed with, “no relish?” A question that caused the 12-year-old to think a bit as he attempted to put his feelings about relish into words.

“The only food that I don’t like is relish,” Kraus said before proving himself to be some sort of play-by-play prodigy by seamlessly calling Ryan Feltner’s throw back to first as the Rockies pitcher attempted to pickoff Mets baserunner Tyler Naquin.

“It’s kind of weird,” Kraus added of ketchup on a hot dog. “I’m going with Ronnie, ketchup is a no go on a hot dog, maybe on a burger, yeah.”

In 40 seconds, the 12-year-old touched on a polarizing topic, roasted Hernandez for his amateur taste buds, and effortlessly shuttled from bantering with the SNY crew to keeping the audience informed of the action on the field.

We usually listen to kids in professional broadcast booths with a grain of salt, willing to say “nice job” regardless of the result. But Kraus was on another level, I wouldn’t be surprised if Syracuse begins their college recruitment of the 12-year-old today.


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