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Even with his brother scoring two touchdowns and one of the biggest celebrities on the planet being in his suite, Jason Kelce was the star of Sunday’s AFC Divisional Round matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

So much so that even four days later, the Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro center’s behavior was still being discussed on ESPN’s Get Up.

But while many enjoyed Kelce’s reaction to his brother’s first touchdown catch on Sunday — in which he took off his shirt, jumped into the stands and chugged beer — Mike Greenberg had a different reaction. Viewing the 36-year-old’s behavior through the prism of his wife, the former Mike & Mike co-host shared his belief that the juice wouldn’t have been worth the squeeze.

“I loved it. I love what he’s doing. It’s fun,” Greenberg said of Kelce’s celebration.

“I hear a ‘but’ coming,” Dan Orlovsky interrupted, correctly.

“The ‘but’ is, if you did that, if you went to a football game with your wife and you took off your shirt,” Greenberg said, “first of all, you’re drinking beer out of a bowling ball at some random person’s tailgate. Then you’re jumping into the stands while having taken your shirt off and drinking other person’s random beers, how would she react to that?”

Orlovsky didn’t hesitate.

“She would try to have a fifth kid,” the former NFL quarterback said. “If I did this, my wife would want to have a fifth child.”

“If I did this, my wife would want to have a second husband,” Greenberg hilariously replied.

Hey, different strokes for different folks.

For what it’s worse, Kelce revealed that his own wife, Kylie Kelce, had pleaded with him not to behave this way, as they were meeting Travis Kelce’s girlfriend — who as you may have heard is pop star Taylor Swift — for the first time. But as the old saying goes, boys will be boys — especially when they’re just days removed from the end of their own NFL season (and possibly, career).

As for Greenberg and Orlovsky, it’s worth noting that both of them are speaking for their wives. And there’s only one way to find out how their significant others would actually react to them being drunk and shirtless at an NFL game.

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