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It looks like the latest site to cut a significant number of writers is FanRag Sports. Back in August, FanRag laid off long-time director of content Tommy Stokke and several other writers, and now they’ve made further cuts. Many FanRag writers tweeted Monday that they were let go, with some mentioning that the company had a new video-focused direction:

Steven Goldman announced that he wouldn’t be writing for FanRag any longer, but would continue podcasts with them:

This decision follows major rounds of layoffs elsewhere this year, including ESPNBleacher ReportSIYahooFox SportsVocativMTVMicVice, and more. Many of those layoffs have mentioned pivoting to video, even if that approach hasn’t paid off for many of the sites that have tried it.

It’s unclear what exactly FanRag’s plans for their future content are, but there are a couple of mentions of an expanded video focus here. We’ve reached out to FanRag for comment on their future plans and will update if we get a statement from them. In the meantime, FanRag took some Twitter criticism for these cuts:

On another front, FanRag did announce a partnership with the Locked on Podcast Network earlier Monday:

The network is certainly expanding their audio content (and it’s notable that Goldman’s podcast is staying there, too), and several high-profile FanRag writers, including Jon Heyman and Zach Harper, haven’t tweeted about leaving. This makes it look like FanRag isn’t completely abandoning writing, but they do seem to be emphasizing other mediums, and it does appear that they’ve cut several of their regular writers. And that adds to a disappointing industry-wide trend. We’ll see what’s next for FanRag.

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  • Dan Middleton

    I have literally never heard of this site but I’m sure doing the same thing everybody else is doing will help them stand out.

  • sportsfan365

    That’s too bad. Guess I’ll be deleting them from my bookmarks shortly, as I have no interest in wasting time with videos. Articles can be scanned quicker and don’t contain empty blathering.

  • BobLee Says

    As anyone ever learned who was in the original focus group that suggested “less printed content and lots more videos is the wave of the future… better ride it… oh, and everyone really loves lots of pop-ups and auto-videos and other slow loading crap on the websites they visit…”

  • MrBull

    More of ‘Dummying Down’ America!…watch a video and learn nothing…read a story or article and educate yourself….
    But, that would mean people would have to stop burying their heads into their smartphones…and sadly that is not going to happen….

    • StoJa

      As George Carlin once said – smartphones have given rise to a nation of dumb people.

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