Shaq's DJ set involved a "Barkley has no rings" graphic.

Shaq has long had a rivalry with fellow NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley, from fighting with him on-court during his playing career to their regular analyst feuds (from flat earth theories to wrestling to catfish). A go-to argument for Shaq has been mocking Barkley’s lack of championships, and he’s apparently taking that to the DJ arena these days. Yes, Shaq DJs (as DJ Diesel), and during a recent set, he led the crowd in a “Barkley sucks” chant:

Oh, and that then transitions into a graphic of “Barkley has no rings,” complete with a photo of the championship ring Shaq won with the Miami Heat in 2006 (his fourth). And while “Count the rings” is never a particularly good argument (individual success doesn’t always correlate with team success, and that 2006 title is an example; that was far from Shaq’s best season, but he happened to be on the right team), it’s funny to see that Shaq’s now bringing it to his DJ job. If only he’d made this “Barkley sucks at golf,” though, he’d have a better argument.

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