I can’t believe I’m typing these words in 2017 and not 1017, but Flat Earth hypotheses have been all the rage in sports recently. Kyrie Irving came out and started it all by questioning the spherical nature of our planet. I still can’t figure out if he’s trolling or not, but regardless it’s led to others coming out of the shadows in support of this.

In spite of literally every piece of scientific evidence, observation, and physics that has been in the public view for the past 2500 years Flat Earthers have hit the mainstream. Shaquille O’Neal recently came out on his podcast in support of Flat Earthers. He reasoned that because he drove on flat roads, the earth must be flat. Forget anyone who’s actually circumnavigated the globe or why anyone would fly over the north pole to cross the ocean. It’s a logical masterpiece, I tell you.

Shaq’s TNT colleague Charles Barkley went on Rich Eisen’s show this week and was asked about the backwards views spreading through the NBA. And Barkley told another classic story about Shaq’s lack of astronomical knowledge. Apparently it’s easier to get to the moon from Atlanta than it is to get to Los Angeles.

Well, traffic in Atlanta and LA is pretty bad so maybe he does have a point there. Here’s audio of Shaq’s comments about the earth being flat in case you realllllllllyyyy want to be enlightened today.

We now live in a world of Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, and Flat Earthers. Please someone combine all of these things into one and try to convince someone famous that there’s a place called Rand McNally where people wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people.

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