Mark Cuban at a Nov. 2 Dallas Mavericks game. (Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports.) Mark Cuban at a Nov. 2 Dallas Mavericks game against the Utah Jazz. (Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports.)

Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban has long been known for being outspoken on a wide range of topics, and those have included Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter. Back in November, Cuban lit Musk up over his proposed changes to Twitter verification, saying “This will be a NIGHTMARE.” (That call looks pretty good in retrospect.) Now, Cuban is upset with people claiming Musk’s actions are defending free speech.

This started with Cuban saying he thinks Musk has AI-related goals for Twitter. Someone then responded with a comment including “This is why he’s pushing free speech so hard.” Cuban took exception to that, and then went back and forth with some of those who pushed back on him:

Eventually, Musk weighed in asking for feedback, and Cuban offered some:

As mentioned, Cuban (seen above at a Mavericks’ game in November) has previously gone at Musk over the verification changes, which did wind up being a (onlypartiallyexecuted) nightmare. He’s also put out plenty of thoughts on AI before. And that even included him getting in a credentialing fight with ESPN in 2016 in protest of running some automated game stories. (That fight was eventually resolved with ESPN agreeing to link to the team’s website.) He’s also proven quite the debate opponent, and one Skip Bayless is still upset with over something that happened more than a decade ago.

But it is new and interesting to see Cuban criticizing Musk over “free speech.” That’s a mantra Musk has often tried to use to defend his controversial decisions at Twitter (but one he’s taken criticism for elsewhere, including with acceding to a Turkish government request to restrict access to some content there). And criticisms for Musk’s ownership of Twitter from a billionaire NBA team owner like Cuban are certainly interesting, and maybe add to the growing divide between Twitter and sports personalities and organizations.

[Mediaite; photo from Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports]

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