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Host Brandon Contes interviews broadcasting legend Eli Gold. Brandon and Bob discuss a wide range of topics including being the voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Alabama not retaining him for 2024, telling a white lie to start broadcasting in NASCAR, Nick Saban retiring from coaching, and more.

NOTE: We apologize for some audio and visual issues during the episode.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :40: Eli’s health
  • 1:11: Returning to broadcast booth post-cancer
  • 1:57: Were there retirement thoughts when Eli sat out?
  • 2:54: Being out of work for two hours
  • 4:02: Calling home games only at Alabama
  • 4:56: Was the cutback a warning sign that Alabama wasn’t going to retain Eli?
  • 6:00: Alabama’s reason for not retaining Eli
  • 7:47: Response from Alabama fans
  • 8:46: Being the voice of the Nick Saban era [NOTE] Eli’s audio cuts out from 9:10 to 9:15. For full context, Eli is talking about not being at Alabama’s 2024 Spring Game which honored Nick Saban and the 2023 team.
  • 11:00: Not being welcomed by Alabama fans when Eli joined in 1988
  • 12:24: Considering leaving Alabama during that time?
  • 14:49: Getting to Alabama
  • 16:12: Goal as aspiring sportscaster in NYC
  • 18:01: Broadcasters Eli looked up to growing up
  • 19:25: Crafting your own style
  • 21:45: Verne Lundquist’s last Masters
  • 22:43: Jacksonville State University
  • 23:32: Nashville Kats
  • 26:30: Preparing for opposing team
  • 27:25: Commute to Nashville
  • 28:01: Were there other job opportunities while Eli was at Alabama?
  • 28:59: Reaction to Nick Saban retiring
  • 30:20: Any solace in that Eli’s Alabama tenure ended when Saban’s did?
  • 31:15: Can Alabama succeed without Saban?
  • 32:21: How will Saban do at ESPN?
  • 33:49: Most memorable and favorite moments/games at Alabama
  • 35:46: Favorite sport to broadcast
  • 37:24: Getting involved in NASCAR
  • 40:51: Working the 1979 Daytona 500 on MRN and importance of that race to NASCAR
  • 42:00: Being too close to Dale Earnhardt’s 1982 Pocono crash
  • 44:45: Being on the call for Earnhardt’s fatal crash in the 2001 Daytona 500
  • 46:24: Which sport changed the most throughout Eli’s career? NASCAR or college football?

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