The CBS app crash during Super Bowl LIII.

Streaming’s becoming a more and more important way to watch sports, even for big events. For example, 15 percent of respondents to a SI/PCMag survey who planned to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII said they planned to stream the game, with that rising to 33 percent amongst those 18 to 24. But there have been plenty of technical issues with streaming sports, and those tend to rise even further around big games, when a lot of people are trying to stream the same thing at once.

That happened again Sunday for CBS’ streaming coverage of the Super Bowl, and at an extremely inopportune time. There were plenty of reports of the CBS Sports (especially) and CBS All Access streaming apps crashing late in the Super Bowl (on several different devices, but especially on Roku devices), and a few reports of earlier crashes:

Look, crashes happen, especially around events with this many trying to stream them. Just two years ago, Fox’s Fox Sports Go streaming app crashed for many during Super Bowl LI. So this isn’t unprecedented or unique to CBS. But it’s yet another sign that streaming efforts are still struggling in reliability relative to cable (especially) or satellite (which can have its own outage problems, but those generally come during significant weather).

And that’s particularly rough for those depending on streaming who had people over to watch the game, especially considering that this outage appears to have screwed up the end of the game for many.

[Photo from Jonathan Petramala on Twitter]

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