NFL Network analysts Bucky Brooks and Maurice Jones-Drew criticized the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones for their poor offseason. Photo Credit: NFL Network Photo Credit: NFL Network

It’s safe to say that NFL Network analysts Bucky Brooks and Maurice Jones-Drew are not impressed with what the Dallas Cowboys did in the early rounds of the NFL Draft — or what they’ve done through the offseason in general.

Brooks got the conversation going during the fifth round on Saturday, saying, “I feel bad for Dakota.”

“Dak Prescott is probably just wondering, ‘What are we doing in Dallas?’ He doesn’t have any weapons. CeeDee Lamb hasn’t been signed to his new deal. They’re talking about bringing back Zeke Elliott because they don’t have a running back in the building. Michael Gallup is not there. Now they need a playmaker. He’s just trying to figure out — ‘Sure. We’ve got the offensive line. I’m protected. I won’t get hit. I won’t get hit but I have no one to throw to. I don’t have enough weapons to be able to do it.’

“And then you have management basically saying, ‘Hey, man. You know what, Dak? We just kind of want you to prove it all over again.’ And Dak has to be out there saying, ‘With what? Help me. Help me.'”

Jones-Drew was less animated in his criticism, but did say that the Cowboys are falling short of owner Jerry Jones’ declaration of “all-in.”

“I just think to me, it all started with the ‘all-in’ thing. When Jerry Jones came out and said, ‘all-in,’ it created expectation, right? From fans. People in the media. Expectation. We just haven’t seen that all-in type of movement that we thought we would see.”

While less animated, Jones-Drew’s comments were more on point. It’s one thing to have a quiet offseason. But when you declare your team to be “all-in,” and then have a quiet offseason, it’s a particularly bad look.

[Photo Credit: NFL Network]

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