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Streamers and influencers announcing NFL Draft picks isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. The NFL finds more and more creative ways each year to announce the team’s picks for the draft to be fresh and new and add some fresh — and popular — perspective.

If you were watching the NFL Draft on NFL Network or ESPN on Saturday, you likely heard, “What’s up, brother?” If that catchphrase resonated with you, odds are you are either a fan of Twitch streamer Sketch, who plays EA’s Madden franchise live online in front of thousands, or you maybe just opened social media this month.

TheSketchReal (as he is known on Twitch) is well on his way to becoming a mainstream figure, and that continued on Saturday when the C.J. Stroud jersey-wearing Houston Texans fan announced his team’s fourth-round pick in Detroit.

Sketch stole the show with his crowd work. While some fans in Detroit were likely in on the references, his appeal is to a specific demographic, so others weren’t in on the fun. Regardless, his energy undeniably hyped the crowd over a mere fourth-round pick.

And he didn’t need to say—or do anything—outrageous, either. Even with his voice cracking, Sketch ignited the crowd with a simple “What’s up, brothers?” as he casually eclipsed the energy of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s entire appearance.

The Philadelphia Eagles have traded the 123rd pick to the Houston Texans!!! With the 123rd pick of the NFL Draft, The Houston Texans select Cade Stover, tight end, Ohio State.

The jury’s still out on whether Cade Stover will see special teams action for his new team. We couldn’t help but make that quip, considering it’s another quotable Sketch catchphrase of “special teams, special plays, special players.”

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