With Fox holding the rights to Super Bowl LI, the network was planning to also stream the big game on Fox Sports Go. The stream worked great for a while, and then the fourth quarter started.


No, really, it actually did.

Naturally this happened as the New England Patriots’ historic comeback truly began to take shape.

But then people discovered it was just the English stream that wasn’t working.


It’s safe to say the person with one of the worst jobs in the world right now is the person (or people?) running the FOX Sports GO Help account. They tried giving everyone every different possible way to fix this issue.

But nothing was working. Fortunately, the app did come back partway through the quarter, so fans were able to see the Patriots’ game-tying drive and then overtime. That is, if they hadn’t already given up in frustration.

It’s understandable that streaming issues can happen, especially when you’re dealing with an event the size of the Super Bowl. Still, that scale also means issues and outages get noticed by many more people, and it’s especially tough when those happen at a crucial moment. At least FOX has a couple years to improve FOX Sports Go before their next Super Bowl.

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