Sean Hannity and Stephen A. Smith

Sean Hannity and Stephen A. Smith apparently have a bromance, and they no longer intend to hide it.

In the last two weeks, Smith joined Hannity’s radio and Fox News program on separate occasions, while Hannity also taped an episode of Smith’s recently launched podcast Know Mercy. That means Smith and Hannity have exchanged show appearances more times in the last two weeks than Mike Greenberg hosted his own radio show during any two-week period over the summer.

During Smith’s recent appearance on Hannity’s radio show, the media personalities agreed that they don’t agree on much. But after they talked in circles about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest police brutality in 2016, Hannity decided to praise Smith for a topic he agrees with the First Take host about.

“I’ve watched your show enough to know that you have been a very strong advocate to put more minorities in positions on the coaching side of football and other sports and in upper management,” Hannity told Smith at the 15-minute mark in the above clip. “And I agree with you. I absolutely think that some of these organizations have been atrocious in terms of their outreach. There’s so much talent out there.

“I think they’ve gotten the message now, but it’s taken people like you, pointing it out for a long period of time to get that accomplished.”

“Yeah, exactly,” Smith answered. “And I’m not going to stop.”

Hannity’s admission is noteworthy because it doesn’t necessarily fit the narrative other conservative media personalities, such as Clay Travis, have attempted to portray by declaring that the NFL is a meritocracy, despite demographics showing otherwise.

Smith has strongly advocated for more minority coaches and executives to be hired in recent years, specifically in the NFL and NBA. The First Take host even stormed off set in 2021 over his disgust that NBA players haven’t similarly advocated for more Black head coaches and executives. Currently, half of the NBA teams now have Black head coaches, although it’s hard to credit Smith for the recent progress. The NFL, however, has just five teams with minority head coaches.

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