Mike Greenberg and Pat McAfee on Get Up

Mike Greenberg fans can rejoice the fact that the sports host has returned to ESPN with more regularity in recent weeks.

Despite having his own ESPN TV and radio shows, there was a period of months where you would be hard-pressed to find Greenberg behind the mic for either one of them. The mounting absences eventually prompted Pat McAfee to ask, “where the f*ck is Mike Greenberg?” a question that finally caused the masses to realize ESPN’s $6.5 million employee was off-air for an absurd amount of time.

Thursday morning, McAfee joined ESPN’s Get Up. And as they addressed McAfee’s own wardrobe, which typically consists of a black tank top, the former NFL punter referenced Greenberg’s lengthy vacation.


“Greeny, you know how much we care about your thoughts,” said McAfee. “Whenever you took like three months off earlier this year, we were like ‘where the hell is Greeny? Where the hell is Greeny?’ Anything you say goes. You say it, I believe it, so don’t put me in a blender like that.”

Greenberg’s laughter on Get Up subsided into more of an awkward chuckle as McAfee cited the ESPN personality’s seemingly endless amount of vacation time.

After McAfee’s initial question of “where the f*ck is Mike Greenberg?” we calculated some staggering numbers which showed Greenberg hosted his radio show Greeny just seven times out of a possible 61 shows from June 1 through Aug. 25, and 59 times out of a possible 169 shows if we start the clock on Jan. 1.

In addition to his radio show, Greenberg was a rarity on Get Up over the summer. But now that football season is in full swing, the ESPN host’s propensity for taking vacations has subsided.

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