WFAN's Evan Roberts with Howard Stern Evan Roberts and Howard Stern

Millions of people have seen Howard Stern’s Private Parts, but WFAN’s Evan Roberts claims to have seen Howard Stern’s private part.

Last week, Roberts told his co-host Tiki Barber about a 2006 bathroom encounter he had with Stern where they stood at neighboring urinals. Roberts, who had a small role in Stern’s Private Parts movie as a kid, introduced himself and reminded The King of All Media about the acting gig. And while doing so, he claims to have peeked.

“There’s no chance Evan Roberts ever saw my penis,” Stern responded on his SiriusXM show this week. “I’m so uptight about peeing at a urinal anyway, that if somebody was peeing next to me back in the day at Sirius, I would have zipped up and walked away. There’s zero chance. I would be traumatized. I would remember Evan Roberts standing at the urinal with me. It doesn’t happen because I have tremendous phobias, OCD, all this s**t, it’s impossible that he saw me naked.”

“I’m not saying he’s lying, but he might just be delusional when it comes to this,” Stern continued. “I think he wants to see my penis. He desperately wants to see my penis.”

Roberts worked at Sirius Satellite Radio’s Maxim channel from 2004-2006. And when Stern launched his show on Sirius in Jan. 2006, his private bathroom was not built yet. So, if Stern had to facilitate during that first year, he would have done so among the commonfolk, like Roberts.

“I’m a Howard Sternologist, I’m a superfan,” Roberts said. “So, Howard, I know everything about you… Evan Roberts, little Evan would remember getting the honor of going next to Howard Stern. Why would Howard remember? I’m just some schmuck going to the bathroom next to him.”

Howard Stern’s penis has long made appearances on sports and news broadcasts, but no one ever boasts about actually seeing it. But how about Stern becoming a sports radio titan this week? Salvaging Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s radio career by helping him backpedal out of retirement, all while entertaining WFAN’s banter about his penis.


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