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Aaron Rodgers didn’t make an appearance during the New York Jets preseason game Saturday night, but Howard Stern’s penis did.

With the first half winding down in the Jets-Buccaneers preseason matchup, a few ancillary voices were heard on the WFLA broadcast in Tampa Bay. But only one of those voices had something to say that was worthy of national attention. As play-by-play voice Chris Myers complimented the official’s ability to explain why the half ended despite a penalty flag being thrown, a well-placed hot mic picked up an ageless reference.

“Baba Booey, Baba Booey, Howard Stern’s Penis. Baba Booey,” someone said.

Emphasis on the word “said.” Typically, ‘Howard Stern’s penis’ gets picked up by a hot mic when a screaming fan is desperate for the phrase to make a rogue appearance on the broadcast. But whoever uttered the ode to Stern and his producer Gary Dell’Abate Saturday night, did so without any enthusiasm, which made it even better.

There was no screaming, no urgency, no excitement. Yet Howard Stern’s penis still managed to interrupt the broadcast with incredible clarity. It almost sounded as if the phrase came from the booth, although it definitely didn’t come from Myers, with the play-by-play announcer seemingly able to completely ignore the Stern reference. Surely, Joe Buck wouldn’t have let Baba Booey or Stern’s penis go unnoticed.

Even though fans have been yelling “Baba Booey Baba Booey Howard Stern’s penis” at sporting events for decades, this latest one should bring a smile to the King of All Media’s face. Earlier this year, Stern had a moment of self-doubt, fearing NBA players have been ignoring him in recent years. But Stern can take solace in knowing that he’s still relevant enough for someone to yell about his penis near a hot mic.


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