Evan Roberts and Tiki Barber on WFAN Photo credit: SNY

Jeremy Shockey definitely had one of the biggest personalities during his time on the New York Giants. But that wasn’t the only thing of his that was big.

Never one to hold back on talking about his former Giants teammates, Tiki Barber dropped an interesting nugget about Shockey during his Wednesday afternoon radio show with co-host Evan Roberts on WFAN. After Roberts told a story about glancing over while at a neighboring urinal with Howard Stern, he informed Barber that people have undoubtedly peeked over at him.

Somewhat apathetic, Barber said, “I was in a locker room my whole life, I took showers with 30 men every day for 10 years,” to explain he has no shame.

“Some of them were surprising, right?” Roberts asked with a chuckle. “Where would you rank yourself?”

While Barber wouldn’t rank himself, he would divulge on Shockey. “That **** Jeremy Shockey,” Barber said. “Jeremy’s a…he’s a large human being.”

Shockey being well-endowed is sort of on-brand for the former Giant and known partier. To say the brash tight end was a controversial and polarizing figure in the NFL would be an understatement. Apparently, what Shockey lacked in humility, he made up for in other areas.

While Shockey’s size stood out in the Giants locker room, it sounds like he was similarly larger than some of his New Orleans Saints teammates too. According to Evan and Tiki co-host and producer Shaun Morash, he once peeked at Drew Brees and was less than impressed.

“I peeked at Drew Brees at a steakhouse in Minnesota,” Morash claimed. “And by the way, never felt better about myself.”

People peek. Evan Roberts peeked at Howard Stern, Tiki Barber peeked at Jeremy Shockey and Shaun Morash peeked at Drew Brees. But for those who are more reserved, the good news is that bathroom stalls are usually available. And here we thought Craig Carton leaving WFAN might force their afternoon show into talking too much sports.


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