It’s still beyond me how someone who trashes coaches in the media and throws teammates under the bus during interviews got a job in network TV (it’s not like them to hire people like this). But alas, the quientessential teammate got a job with NBC. If you saw Tiki’s debut on Sunday you know he’s still ragging on the Giants, and just like last year…..I’m sure everyone in New York is just begging Tiki to shut the hell up.

Well now that he’s gone…someone has. That someone is Elisha Manning, and he did so on ESPN 1050 in New York….

“I don’t always believe everything Tiki says. I feel very comfortable. And I saw the [halftime show] last night and it seemed very rehearsed, kind of like his pregame speeches in a way,” Manning said. “I feel confident in what I’m doing in getting the team ready. And if you ask any of the players around here who the leader is of this offense, they’re going to say me.”

“I’m not gonna lose any sleep over what Tiki says at halftime of a preseason game. Tiki is just making a smooth transition into his role as media and that’s just part of their deal,” Manning added.

Burn! Welcome to the Thunderdome Tiki!!! This is going to be a hard battle for you to win. Well it will be a hard battle, up until Eli throws 3 picks in the opening game of the season against the Cowboys……on NBC. Okay….nevermind.

I like the trash-talking Elisha, but please do something first. Life isn’t going to be easier this year with Tiki yucking it up with Peter King, and not protecting your ass on third down with a dinky flare to the right side.

Eli Manning: ‘I’m Not Gonna Lose Any Sleep Over What Tiki [Barber] Says’ (Fanhouse)

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