Both local and national announcers honored Celtics legend Mike Gorman on Wednesday during his final broadcast. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Boston. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Boston.

As great as closing a playoff series out is for a team and its fans, the Boston Celtics win over the Miami Heat might have created a bittersweet feeling for at least some of the Boston fans.

Because Wednesday’s game — a 118-84 blowout for the Celtics — didn’t just end the series against the Heat. Because local television crews don’t broadcast games after the first round, it also ended the legendary career of longtime Celtics play-by-play man, Mike Gorman.

As the game reached the final minutes and the outcome long since decided, the tributes to Gorman came in.

One of the tributes came from Gorman’s own broadcast on NBC Sports Boston, as well as people at TD Garden. During one of the breaks, Gorman was given a lengthy standing ovation. And while Gorman was uncomfortable with the length of the tribute, even joking that he wanted stadium PA man Eddie Palladino to “wrap it up,” his broadcast partner, Brian Scalabrine, put the ovation into perspective.

“Come on, Mike — 43 years. All these people have listened to you countless times.”

The TNT crew of Brian Anderson and Stan Van Gundy also paid tribute to Gorman, with Anderson calling him “One of the great guys in the industry” and “One of the all-time legends in this business.”

Finally, when the game officially wrapped up, another video tribute came on NBC Sports Boston. This one featured Celtics legends, as well as other NBA figures, congratulating Gorman on his career and wishing him well in the future. That led to Gorman signing off for one final time.

“For the past 45 years it’s been an honor and my distinct pleasure to have been the voice of the Boston Celtics,” he said. “I’ll be forever grateful to this ownership for treating my family as they treat their own. And special thanks to all who mentioned Tommy, Scal and me into your homes all winter long when there’s a cold night going on outside, you turned us on and it just couldn’t have been better. There’s no place I would rather have been. So, Boston, thank you. Good night.”

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Boston]

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