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There are probably a lot of farts being ripped in NHL locker rooms. But only a few of them get caught by a hot mic.

Monday night, Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy was speaking to reporters in the locker room after earning his first shutout of the season. Tampa Bay beat the Dallas Stars 4-0 behind their goalie’s 25 saves, snapping a four-game losing skid.

And for Vasilevskiy, specifically, his first shutout of the season helped erase the stink of giving up six goals in their previous game Saturday night. Unfortunately, for Vasilevskiy and everyone at his press conference, there was one more stink to endure.

As Vasilevskiy began answering a question about his ability to rebound from Saturday night’s stinker, his response was derailed by a fart in the room. This wasn’t one of those “was it or wasn’t it” farts that may have been someone’s skate on the nearby ice, a squeaky chair, or a sneeze. This was a fart. The only investigation needed would be if we wanted to figure out who did it. But somebody definitely did it.

In response to the fart, Vasilevskiy had the only appropriate reaction. He stopped answering the question and laughed.

“What was the question?” Vasilevskiy asked through the crowd of chuckling reporters as they all attempted to regain their composure.

It would have been interesting to hear Vasilevskiy’s reaction if this happened after the thrashing Tampa Bay suffered through Saturday night. Although, even after giving up six goals, he still would have had to laugh at a fart. How could he not? At a time where there is a lot of division in the world, loud farts being funny remains a great unifier for all.

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