On Thursday, longtime sports talk radio host Chris Russo was wrapping up a segment on his baseball talk show “High Heat” on MLB Network when the audio picked up what, at first listen, sounded like a fart.

HOWEVA. They say that a lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes, so Russo was quick to provide evidence that the fart in question was a simple nose blow taken out of context.

“There’s a little controversy, the @BackAftaThis guys at FunHouse put that video out thinking that was something other than…blowing my nose. Trust me when I tell ya, yesterday was a rough day…I sneezed all day long and here’s your proof of the sneezing.”

Bless Mad Dog for feeling the need to set the record straight and taking all of this way too seriously.

HOWEVA (again). This did not quell the conspiracy theories. Russo continued to deny that the noise was a fart, thereby keeping the conversation alive and perhaps inspiring some to wonder why Dog doth protest too much, methinks?

Meanwhile, amidst all the drama, Tom Izzo, a digital content creator for WFAN, but not the Michigan State men’s basketball head coach, retweeted Russo’s denial and added “Still could have been a fart” up top.

Russo caught wind (sorry) of this and seems to have confused content creator Tom Izzo for coach Tom Izzo, seemingly excited about the possibility that Michigan State was now involved in #FartGate.

“I’m getting a little mileage out of this. The MLB Network, with the so-called-fart yesterday, on the air, when I was doing that one-hour show…it was blowing my nose, it wasn’t a fart. But Tom Izzo has just retweeted that and Tom said ‘it still could have been a fart.’ So there you go…we could use all the publicity we can get…The Fart That Wasn’t is a big topic in Michigan.”

Congrats to everyone who was able to create content out of a sneeze that kinda sounded like a fart, including us.

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