Jesse Pollock promised to lick carpet if the Jets lost. He now has to pay up.

While Winnipeg Jets’ head coach Rick Bowness was “disgusted” with his team’s play in a 4-1 Game 5 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights Thursday that ended their NHL playoff run, the most disgusting thing around that loss may happen far away from the ice. Ahead of that first-round Stanley Cup Playoffs series, TSN/BarDown personality Jesse Pollock vowed “to lick the carpet at TSN” if the Jets lost.

The Golden Knights got in on referencing that early Friday morning:

As did the BarDown account, including with a video of Pollock reacting to the loss:

Many are eagerly anticipating Pollock paying off this bet:

Pollock was not real happy Thursday night, but it’s unclear how much of that was about the loss and how much was about having to lick the carpet (hopefully not a euphemism in this case!):

This is far from the worst bet we’ve seen. In 2018, ESPN Cleveland radio host Aaron Goldhammer ate horse poop on air to pay off a Baker Mayfield bet. And we’re still waiting on Mike Greenberg to either go on a darkness retreat or chop off his pinky toe over the Jets getting Aaron Rodgers. But jumping into Great Lakes seems preferable to licking carpet anywhere, much less at a sports media company. At least this isn’t as permanent as a tattoo, though, and fortunately, we never had to see the Dave Rothenberg erotic calendar. But if Bowness was disgusted with the team, many more are going to be disgusted with Pollock here.

[Jesse Pollock on Twitter; image from BarDown on Twitter]

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