Cubs' blogger Michael Cerami lived up to his vow of jumping into Lake Michigan.

Plenty of predictions go wrong and force sports media personalities to do embarrassing or painful things, from Terry Jones eating his column to Brendan Tobin literally eating crow to Rob Perez apologizing to all Sixers’ fans. The total turnaround from prediction – wrong – bet fulfilled usually isn’t in just over an hour, though, but that’s what Chicago Cubs’ blogger Michael Cerami did Thursday.

Cerami, who writes for Bleacher Nation, made quite a bold gamble that new leadoff man Ian Happ (the 23-year-old center fielder playing in his first Opening Day game; he was first called up in May last year) wouldn’t start things off with a home run. And that went poorly for him, with Happ sending one deep on the very first pitch:

That was part of a dreadful first inning from Marlins’ starter Jose Ureña, which included three hit batters, a bases-loaded four-pitch walk, and three runs allowed. And it led to Cerami’s tweet going viral, and to him quickly living up to his end of the deal:

Not even a shriek, which is impressive considering the estimated water temperatures:

At least someone lives up to their Great Lake-jumping promises, and does so in a timely fashion. Hue Jackson, you’re still on the clock

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