Mike Greenberg blasts Twitter

In case the New York Jets are struggling to close the deal with Aaron Rodgers, ESPN’s Mike Greenberg might be willing to offer up his pinky toe.

Last week, Greenberg boldly declared that if the Jets land Rodgers, he will embark on the same darkness retreat that the four-time MVP winner recently went on. The declaration prompted a discussion of what would be the harder challenge; a darkness retreat? Or chopping off your pinky toe? According to Greeny, losing a pinky toe isn’t that big of a deal, with the radio host claiming he’d barely notice it was gone.

“I have done whatever I can to put into the universe the possibility of this great event taking place for my favorite team,” Greenberg said on his radio show. “I have said today, on both television and radio, that if Aaron Rodgers will come to the Jets, I will go to the darkness retreat that he did in Oregon… I’m in on this if it will put into the universe the vibes that bring Aaron Rodgers to the jets so I’m hoping that it does. And I would rather do the darkness retreat than cut off a pinky toe, although I continue to say, I don’t think losing a pinky toe would be that big a deal, like I think it would come as a surprise to you when you discovered it.”

I am convinced Rodgers sees just about every headline that has his name attached to it, which means he’s probably aware of Greenberg’s potential willingness to cut his pinky toe. As he shares his trade demands with the Jets, Rodgers should add the caveat that he will only agree to a deal if Greenberg cuts off his pinky toe.

Personally, I don’t think Greenberg would go through with it. Someone who eats chicken wings with a fork and knife is not capable of something so barbaric. The good news for Greenberg, however, is that there’s no way ESPN would let him go through with it either. Not all radio brands are still the wild west of media like Good Karma’s ESPN Cleveland, where host Aaron Goldhammer infamously ate poop on-air after losing out on his NFL Draft bet.

But if CBS Sports Radio’s legal team had to ruin the spontaneity of Andrew Perloff attempting to eat a jar of peanut butter, there’s no chance ESPN would be on board with Greenberg cutting off his pinky toe for schtick.

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