After long-time adversary and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh called him “Pete Finebaum” in a tweet Thursday, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum embraced that name Friday. Finebaum even changed the branding on his SEC Network show to The Pete Finebaum Show. Here’s the opening clip, which includes Finebaum going through some past headlines of him and Harbaugh:

Here’s a clip of Finebaum going through some headlines from this latest drama, including this site’s “At this pace Michigan’s biggest rival won’t be Ohio State but Paul Finebaum” (which actually was a tweet, but we appreciate the shoutout, and the “respected website” tag!), and showing the clip from his Outside the Lines appearance earlier this week that started this latest back and forth with Harbaugh:

Later on, Finebaum fired back at Harbaugh for calling him “the unabashed SEC water carrier” and using the #alternativefacts hashtag:

Finebaum even changed his show call-in number and e-mail to “Pete” for the day:

Here’s a screencap of that contact info change:

Call The Pete Finebaum Show today!

This is just another entry in the Finebaum-Harbaugh wars, and it probably won’t do anything more to endear Finebaum to Michigan fans (already very much on his bad side), but it is pretty funny to see Finebaum firing back this way. The change of the show call-in number and e-mail is particularly apt. And hey, for whatever else has come out of this back-and-forth, Jim Harbaugh now definitely knows who Paul Finebaum is. Even if Harbaugh can’t be bothered to use his actual name…

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