Jim Harbaugh may just be the most interesting man in sports.

There’s his obsession with khaki pants, his delightfully intense zeal for life, his inspirational Twitter account, his desire to show off his dad bod, what else from life’s rich tapestry can Michigan’s head coach deliver?

How about a complete lack of knowledge of the most well-known college football media personality in the south?

At a satellite camp in Alabama, Harbaugh did the equivalent of walking into Vatican City and having no idea who the pope was.

Jim Harbaugh walks downstairs to the Prattville Marriott lobby dressed in a nice suit — hours after a shirtless photo went viral — with his jacket lapel sticking up.

A coach approaches, fixes his collar and tells him he was the talk of the Paul Finebaum Show that day. Finebaum, whose show is nationally syndicated and televised on the SEC Network, discussed Harbaugh’s appearance in Alabama with his legions of dedicated callers.

Harbaugh looks confused and shakes his head. He doesn’t know who Paul Finebaum is.

The coach continues, “He’s a radio show host.”

Again, nothing from Harbaugh.

“He’s a big deal down here in SEC country,” another coach chimes in.

Harbaugh nods. He asks about what they discussed and quickly moves on to something else. If the most popular radio show host in SEC country is talking about him, he doesn’t seem to care.

In fairness, Harbaugh has been in the NFL world the last few years, so he missed the creation of the SEC Network and Finebaum becoming a national media figure with ESPN.  How great would it be if this became a rallying cry in the next evolution of the Big Ten-SEC rivalry, though.  Not only did Ohio State finally beat an SEC team, but now Michigan’s head coach is dissing Finebaum?  First it was business, now it’s personal.


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